Back in mid-October 2012, the UTS branch of the General Staff Union (CPSU) attempted to organise a lunchtime seminar on workplace bullying and harassment.

What reaction did this result in at UTS?

According to the CPSU:

“Staff were verbally instructed that the meeting was not sanctioned or authorised (pretty much telling people they couldn’t attend a union information session/seminar in their own lunch break. In addition to the posters being repeatedly pulled down there are reports that flyers were removed from peoples pigeon holes.”

Our message to UTS management is:

Trying to suppress the existence of workplace bullying and other cultural diseases in the UTS workplace is an unsustainable strategy.

Preventing workplace bullying from being discussed will not make it go away. Neither will it prevent its existence from becoming known to others outside the organisation and it most certainly will result in staff continuing to be harmed.

A strong and reputable university is one that is able to find fault within itself and be open about doing so. Only through such a process can UTS’s quality and integrity be improved and maintained as an institution of learning and research.

Here is the CPSU’s beautiful poster for all to see:

CPSU UTS branch's poster for their "Lunch and Learn" session on Workplace Bullying and Harassment, held at UTS on 16th October 2012

From the poster:

“Workplace bullying is a form of psychological violence. It can include verbal abuse, sabotage, and ostracism.

The CPSU – The General Staff Union invites all staff to a lunchtime seminar on workplace bullying and harassment.

John Sandow will conduct a lunch time training seminar on workplace bullying and harassment. You will be provided with a ‘survival’ guide to help you and your workplace identify, survive and eliminate workplace bullying.

These seminars have proved to be very popular as bullying and harassment is emerging as a major WHS issue in the workplace.”

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