Bullied@UTS welcomes Professor Attila Brungs to his new position as Vice Chancellor and President of UTS, having taken over following the retirement of former UTS Vice Chancellor Professor Ross Milbourne.

We wish Professor Brungs well at the helms and hope the role will bring out his personal best.

In his recent email sent to Alumni on the 28th of August, Professor Brungs expressed his pride that “social justice and respect for equity and diversity are core values that underpin the wider UTS community”.

We call on Professor Brungs to justify his pride by taking concrete steps to ensure these “core values” are actively promoted and upheld.

He can start by opening his doors to former UTS staff and students who have suffered social injustice and disrespect for their equity, diversity and human dignity. By listening to their testimonies, UTS management can learn lessons to guide the process of implementing cultural reform at the University.

There is a wise saying – “only the second-rate never make mistakes”. Acknowledging and rectifying mistakes is the hallmark of a world-class university, and isn’t that what we all want UTS to be?

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