Bullied@UTS condemns the recent decision by the UTS Faculty of Engineering and IT (FEIT) to lower the required ATAR entrance mark by 10 points for female students applying to study engineering.

This action is sexist and promotes the falsehood that women have an intellectual or academic handicap and require special treatment, unlike men.

This will result in bullying and negative prejudices towards female engineering students and engineering alumni in the workplace.

We encourage everyone to sign the following petition created by UTS engineering alumnus Gabrielle Harradine that calls on FEIT to abandon this policy and restore equality between the sexes. It has already received over 2500 signatures:


UTS Haymarket Campus

Something we stumbled across recently on an online forum – a troubling report of bullying-like behaviour by a member of UTS Building Security staff:

This incident is alleged to have taken place on Tuesday 3rd June 2014 at the UTS Haymarket Campus. Here is an excerpt:

“At UTS Building 5, we came out of the class and barely after a minute guards came checking student IDs and telling non post graduate students to leave immediately.

That particular level is used for post grads..

The issue was that one of the guard was extremely rude to put it politely. She was readily accusing anyone who did not immediately show the ID, as they took it out of their wallet, etc.
Saying things like ‘you are lying’, ‘You don’t belong here’, etc. It was like a police raid or something, overkill force.”

Having read the testimony and the rest of the discussion thread, Bullied@UTS still believes that UTS Building Security staff can be effective in their role and yet remain courteous and respectful in all their dealings.

In a civilised western society, every human should expect to be treated in a dignified way, regardless their age, rank or whether they are a staff member or student.

We invite UTS Building Security to share any comments that they may have.

The Report: “UTS Disgraceful Security Guard”

UTS Building 6 Cafe

UTS Building 6 Cafe

We are very distressed to hear about the incident of violent assault in the workplace that took place in the UTS Building 6 Cafe on Wednesday 8th October at 3:40pm.

According to news reports:

  • A 53-year old female staff member threw a hot liquid (reported as either tea or water) in the face of a 26-year old female staff member following an argument.
  • The 26-year old was taken to Sydney Eye Hospital to be treated for burns and is reportedly in a stable condition.
  • The 53-year-old was arrested, then taken to Sydney Central Police Station where she was charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm. She was granted conditional bail to appear at the Downing Centre Local Court on Wednesday 12th November

An unnamed UTS spokesperson stated that “UTS was very concerned to learn of the incident, which occurred in a food outlet owned and operated by a third party, and is cooperating with NSW Police” and that none of the staff involved were directly employed by the university as the cafe was an independently operated business.

For the time being, we will take the UTS spokesperson’s statement at face value.

It is our view that incidents of workplace violence between colleagues are usually not random or spontaneous. They usually follow a period of building tension, often due to unresolved grievances. Bad emotions fester in peoples’ minds and in often unpredictable instances, can be released in a fit of rage. It is important for managers and supervisors to act early, even-handedly and to ensure that staff are able to ‘get things off their chest’ quickly and easily. Sit down with them, look them in the eyes and listen.

We wish the 26-year old a speedy recovery from her injuries.

Media Coverage:

Back in January 2014, we commented on UTS’s suspension of the NTEU Branch President Simon Wade and called on the UTS Management to be transparent in its handling of this matter.

On 23rd June 2014, The Australian reported that UTS sacked Mr Wade as an audiovisual technician on 8th May 2014. It was stated that UTS’s internal investigation had “proven dishonesty and fraud”. The case then went to the Federal Circuit court and on June 23rd, it was reported that the court rejected a plea for his reinstatement.

The Australian – Plea to reinstate UTS union leader Simon Wade rejected by court

On the 21st of August 2014, the NTEU announced that Simon Wade and UTS had reached a settlement and that “the parties have agreed that they will make no further public comments about the matter.”

NTEU: Resolution of Simon Wade’s adverse action case in Federal Court

Regrettably, transparency has eluded us once again and we will likely never know what really took place.

Bullied@UTS welcomes Professor Attila Brungs to his new position as Vice Chancellor and President of UTS, having taken over following the retirement of former UTS Vice Chancellor Professor Ross Milbourne.

We wish Professor Brungs well at the helms and hope the role will bring out his personal best.

In his recent email sent to Alumni on the 28th of August, Professor Brungs expressed his pride that “social justice and respect for equity and diversity are core values that underpin the wider UTS community”.

We call on Professor Brungs to justify his pride by taking concrete steps to ensure these “core values” are actively promoted and upheld.

He can start by opening his doors to former UTS staff and students who have suffered social injustice and disrespect for their equity, diversity and human dignity. By listening to their testimonies, UTS management can learn lessons to guide the process of implementing cultural reform at the University.

There is a wise saying – “only the second-rate never make mistakes”. Acknowledging and rectifying mistakes is the hallmark of a world-class university, and isn’t that what we all want UTS to be?

Back in mid-October 2012, the UTS branch of the General Staff Union (CPSU) attempted to organise a lunchtime seminar on workplace bullying and harassment.

What reaction did this result in at UTS?
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Bullied@UTS is deeply concerned by UTS’s decision to suspend National Tertiary Education Union branch president Simon Wade from his job, claiming “serious misconduct”.

Mr Wade is a UTS general staff member in the Audio-Visual team and has been working at the university for 16 years.

We take very seriously the NTEU’s allegation that he has been “targeted in his workplace due to his involvement in enterprise bargaining on behalf of UTS staff”.

We are not in a position to comment on the veracity of UTS’s allegations of misconduct, but we will be following this matter closely.

We call on UTS Management to be transparent in its handling of this matter and to also ensure that when enforcing its code of conduct, that it be applied equally to all university staff members and not simply when it may serve a political purpose.

We note that the NTEU held a 150-strong rally in support of Simon in front of the UTS Tower building on Monday 16th December 2013 and 1400 people have signed a petition protesting his suspension.

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Have you just been in a meeting where something important was discussed? Write it down!

  • Was a project deadline announced?
  • Did you receive a promise of a future promotion or increased pay?
  • Did you make a complaint about someone’s inappropriate behaviour?
  • Were you given specific duties or tasks to fulfil as part of your job?

These things are important! Here’s what you should do:
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New anti-bullying laws have come into effect from the start of this year – 1st January 2014.

A worker who experiences bullying can now lodge an application with the Fair Work Commission to seek an order for the bullying to stop. The Fair Work Commission has to respond within two weeks of an application being lodged.

The Fair Work Commission’s anti-bullying information page, with information on the new anti-bullying laws is located here:


There are many details, but to summarise the key points:
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