UTS Haymarket Campus

Something we stumbled across recently on an online forum – a troubling report of bullying-like behaviour by a member of UTS Building Security staff:

This incident is alleged to have taken place on Tuesday 3rd June 2014 at the UTS Haymarket Campus. Here is an excerpt:

“At UTS Building 5, we came out of the class and barely after a minute guards came checking student IDs and telling non post graduate students to leave immediately.

That particular level is used for post grads..

The issue was that one of the guard was extremely rude to put it politely. She was readily accusing anyone who did not immediately show the ID, as they took it out of their wallet, etc.
Saying things like ‘you are lying’, ‘You don’t belong here’, etc. It was like a police raid or something, overkill force.”

Having read the testimony and the rest of the discussion thread, Bullied@UTS still believes that UTS Building Security staff can be effective in their role and yet remain courteous and respectful in all their dealings.

In a civilised western society, every human should expect to be treated in a dignified way, regardless their age, rank or whether they are a staff member or student.

We invite UTS Building Security to share any comments that they may have.

The Report: “UTS Disgraceful Security Guard”

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